Accelerated Degree Programmes Offered By Pearson Institute of Higher Education

The accelerated degree programmes are the first of their kind in South Africa, and showcase Pearson Institute’s modern, innovative approach to learning. The shorter duration of two years will allow graduates of the programme to enter the job market sooner, as well as save on the logistical and day to day costs of a year of studies. These programmes will also allow students who don’t qualify for a degree to still complete a degree in three years of study, by completing our Foundation Programme in Year One.

Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration

The multidisciplinary nature of this degree prepares you for work in many areas of business and is an excellent foundation for careers in commerce, marketing, human resources and financial management. The Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration is only offered at our Midrand Campus.

Accelerated Bachelor of Commerce

This degree prepares you for work in any area of business. You will cover the broad principles of commerce and management with a focus on business management, human resource management and marketing. You will also develop a sound foundation in accounting, financial management, project management, economics, research methodology and organisational behaviour. The Accelerated Bachelor of Commerce is offered at all our campuses other than Midrand.

Why study at Pearson Institute of Higher Education?

Career-focused Higher Education

Our wide range of higher education qualifications and programmes are all designed to get you ready for the modern workplace. We offer foundation programmes, 16 undergraduate degrees and four postgraduate programmes across three faculties: The faculty of commerce and law, the faculty of humanities and the faculty of applied sciences.

Personalised Learning Experience

Our classes are smaller, which means we can spend more time focusing on you and giving you exactly what you need to learn. On top of that we also offer a range of support programmes for students to ensure their academic success

Qualified and Experienced Staff

We value both academic qualification and real world experience, and our academic staff are no exception. Our lecturers are all highly qualified and have plenty of academic and real world experience. We won’t just hand you a text book and talk at you during lectures, we offer practical assignments, field trips and guest speakers.

Global heritage

As the world’s learning company that operates in over 70 countries, Pearson have the ability to make change happen on a global scale. Pearson are committed to creating positive social impact in everything we do by supporting causes and issues that help remove the barriers to achieving better learning outcomes.

About Pearson

As a learning company, with more than 35,000 employees in over 70 countries, Pearson is passionate about making change happen on a global scale. We are committed to creating social impact in everything we do. Through a combination of our quality products and services, external and internal campaigns, sustainability initiatives and social innovation, we support global and local educational causes and issues that help remove barriers to achieving better learning outcomes.


As part of the company’s organic growth in the direct delivery of learning, Pearson South Africa has acquired the Pearson Institute of Higher Education (formerly known as Midrand Graduate Institute) and CTI Education Group. Today, this group has 12 campuses, over 8 000 students and 35 different nationalities represented across our campuses in South Africa.


At Pearson Institute of Higher Education, we are committed to building successful communities through partnerships across the educational landscape – with ministries of education, industry, students, parents and teachers – to help people make progress in their lives through access to and enjoyment of learning. For we believe that wherever learning flourishes, so do people and economies.